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Conversation groups are recommended for people who would like to improve their fluency and vocabulary.


Small groups - A small group of maximum 8 people offers the safety to boost your confidence.


Levels - Every effort will be made to place you with people at a similar level so you feel comfortable and the course materials are understandable but still challenging enough to be interesting. However, your attitude to taking part and willingness to speak are more important than your traditional 'level'.


"But I don't know English grammar!" - There is very little systematic grammar input on these short courses because the focus is on communication. Instead, you will be corrected if you make a mistake. If you expect a more thorough approach, choose a General English course instead.


"I want to improve my vocabulary" - The courses are designed thematically so you will boost your knowledge of general topics and will be able to hold a discussion in English.

Topics include: Health, Crime, Politics, Current Affairs, Ethics, Sport, Business, Lithuanian food and culture + your ideas/random requests!


"I'm shy" - this doesn't matter. My mission is to get you speaking! However, students in these groups should be willing to try and speak and contribute to discussions. You will not break down the language barrier unless you make an effort you join in - I can't help you unless you try. So get stuck in and join a group today. 

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