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This course is for all-round improvement for people who already have a good command of English.

Small groups - A small group of maximum 8 people offers the safety to boost your confidence.


Levels - Every effort will be made to place you with people at a similar level so you feel comfortable and the course materials are understandable but still challenging enough to be interesting. However, your attitude to taking part and willingness to speak are more important than your traditional 'level'.


"My English grammar isn't bad" - Great. At higher levels, we'll focus on more complicated structures to help you convey exactly what you are thinking. You'll learn about the 'nuances' of English and the possible meanings hidden in your choice of grammar. Of course, you'll also get lots of input, feedback, and correction.


"I want to improve my vocabulary" - Our materials are designed thematically, so you will boost your knowledge of general topics. You can expect to do lots of talking in class in response to me, each other, and interesting texts that we will listen to or read.


"I really need to write more effectively" - This course will mostly focus on vocabulary, speaking, reading, and listening. We won't write in class. If you want to produce something at home, or have a question about something you need to write at work, I'll do my best to help, but writing is not a main aim. As it is such a personal skill, you should join a dedicated writing group or take individual lessons.


"Who is going to teach me?" - Your teacher is a native speaker* who has been teaching English since 2000 in the Czech Republic, Estonia, the UK, and Lithuania. In addition to undergoing training in teaching English to adults, Hannah gained a Distinction in the 'London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Certificate in Teaching Business English' back in 2003. She has taught business people ever since (at many companies including groups and individuals at Deloitte, Rimi, Philip Morris, Teo, Coca Cola, etc.). She also works at Vilnius University, where she was voted 'Teacher of the Year 2014' at the Institute of Foreign Languages. 


* - Does this accident of birth make me a better teacher than someone who has learned English and has a PhD in Linguistics? No, of course not. Some of the best teachers I know are from Serbia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland. Is there a genuine and authentic reason for communicating in English together? Yes, of course. Will I hope you maximise class time used speaking in English? Yes. Will you pick up on cultural aspects of learning the language and expose you to the so-called 'British humour'? Definitely! I have chosen to make language teaching and testing my career, so I hope you will be satisfied with your progress and our classes. I'm not the right teacher for everyone and will expect you to be dedicated to learning during the course as I know I'll work really hard to help you learn! 


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