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[carousel id="Student_feedback6109" items="1" heading="Student feedback"] [item] [image] [/image] [text] [/text] [/item] [item] [image] [/image] [text][/text] [/item] [item] [image] [/image] [text][/text] [/item] [item] [image] [/image] [text]I joined Hannah's class to get improve my English skills. Her classes and teaching style exceeded my expectations - lessons were fun whilst very focused on achieving our goals and tackling the least comfortable tasks for each of us. She is also a people person so be ready to learn faster than you expected because you're having a good time! And that definitely is a key to better results. All my best recommendations go to Hannah without a doubt!
Hannah - thanks for your support and your amazing course, you changed the preparation from dreadful to very engaging and fun! All the best! [/text] [/item] [item] [image] [/image] [text]