EnglishTeacher.lt is pleased to have been working with ISM University of Management and Economics since 2009. I provide English skill / level testing services to applicants wishing to study on the Bachelor and Master's programmes at ISM. Once you register for a test, you will be sent some more information about the test and how to transfer payment for the test fee. You should allow at least a week for the results to be processed. If you need your results urgently, please indicate this in the registration form. In most cases, the results are released within a few days, but this depends on my workload and the volume of tests to process, so it is your responsibility to ensure that you apply for the test in good time.
As the test is designed to provide a snapshot of your ability to communicate and follow instructions in English in a business and academic environment, you cannot really plan for it, so there are no sample papers available. More details about what you can do to prepare are included in the automatic email you will receive upon registration. 


If you would like to take an online test, please be aware that once you receive confirmation of the chosen date and time after transferring the fee, you will need:

  • a webcam
  • suitable internet bandwidth to support a video call for 2 hours – we will probably use Zoom
  • a quiet room – no one else is allowed to be in the same room while you take the test
  • headphones for the listening test to ensure that you can hear clearly and to avoid echo
  • your official identification document with a photo
  • some paper and pens for notes.
Please register below for your English Test. Please make sure you select the correct test as the test for admissions to a Bachelor's programme differs from the test for a Master's.


If you are still at school but want to apply for a Bachelor's programme at ISM, you need to take a test to prove that your English is good enough to cope with a study programme taught in English.
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If you have already graduated and now wish to take a Master's degree at ISM, you need to take a test to prove that your English is at a higher level.
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I look forward to meeting you in person or online soon,

Hannah Shipman / EnglishTeacher.lt


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